Blog: Digital Construction SECBE Awards 2019 finalist - Zutec Platform

14 May 2019

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Zutec Platform

Zutec say they are unrivalled among its competitors in competing across Zutec’s full product portfolio. The Zutec team come with 20 years of global experience across different industries. Zutec can provide a startup with an ongoing consultancy service throughout the lifetime of a project.

Other key points:

  • Client driven development roadmap
  • Zutec develop their own data collection/visualization apps
  • All software development is done inhouse by an experienced and diverse development team
  • The platform is flexible enough to be adapted to deliver almost any construction process
  • The platform offers ISO 27001 security standards and also giving a project full auditable traceability on all data

Client Feedback

Brett King – Multiplex 

Zutec’s “Construction Progress tracker is a real strength and a differentiator from competitors. Finding information is super easy in Zutec, saves a lot of my time.”

Laura Crawford – A Services

“Zutec has a very user-friendly interface. Its simplicity of use is the real strength of a system. I particularly enjoy bulk upload function. It saves so much time (it’s very accurate too).”

Oskar Korbut – Astins

“Finding information in Zutec is very simple. Reading barcodes and ease of filtering data in general is so helpful. Saves a lot of time to browse through thousands of documents. Less time spent  on finding information gives me more time to make the use of it.  OnSite app is very handy. I was doing twice as much on site compared to when I used pen and paper. I love the Construction Progress Tracker. Again, it’s so easy to see what’s been done on a project.”


  • The Zutec platform can save time and money on a project.
  • The system enables all parties to collaborate through all stages of the project.
  • Zutec can integrate and validate data from multiple sources into one single source to display in a model. While simultaneously the Zutec platform can be integrated into a wider data lake seamlessly.

For more details:

Visit Zutec.

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