Blog: G4C Future Leader SECBE Awards 2019 finalist - Julia Lydall

15 May 2019

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Julia Lydall - SpaceUp

Following the advice of Andrew Wolstenhome’s Never waste a Good Crisis, Julia co-founded SpaceUp one year ago to contribute with direct action on two crises: the climate crisis and the housing crisis. Her aim for this submission is to publicise SpaceUp’s vision of ‘Regenerative Communities’ in the hope that they influence a mass of micro-changes and positive action. And to show that conscious change in response to these global challenges can be profitable - Julia pays herself more as CEO of an SME than she was ever paid as an influential employee in a global company. She hopes that others find value in the SpaceUp concept and make their own enriching living efficiencies.


  • Humans need valuable social, environmental and personal connections to be happy. Julia made a business out of this.
  • ‘Win/Lose’ relationships sour and rot. Whereas ‘Win/Win’ relationships mature beautifully. Julia is creating supply chains which work on Win/Wins
  • As in Nature, as in business: regenerative loops are cheaper, easier and more effective than production lines. Julia creates and shares value via this principle.

For more details:

Visit SpaceUp

The SECBE 2019 G4C Future Leader Award is sponsored by R&W.

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