Blog: G4C Future Leader SECBE Awards 2019 finalist - Nick Stoyles

15 May 2019

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Nick Stoyles - Willmott Dixon

As project lead, from inception to completion, Nick's role is to ensure that preconstruction, design team members, supply chain partners and the operations team communicate and come together in a one team approach to develop and produce an efficient, high quality product for customers.

As each group has different skills and methods of approach, bringing each party together whilst maintaining a programme, budget and the best product possible is achieved by understanding those independent skills, and allowing the individual to achieve the short and long-term goal whilst staying within the boundaries and delivering. Praised for his technical ability and passionate about learning and  sharing new methods, he enjoys maintaining individual’s progression and  with clear “mission statements”.

Nick is able to diversify himself between each department depending on what outcome is required. The current project (a leisure centre with associated social housing, value of £33.7m) has high levels of political pressure resulting in managing the customers expectations yet maintaining high levels of positivity and forward thinking within the team when short design, procurement and build durations are required.


  • His work has gained recognition by winning a Quality “product” Award and winning an “Our People” award as voted by Supply Chain Partners.
  • A keen communicator, he strives for a positive working environment to also help drive efficiencies within the industry. As a result his team have won the award for “Best Health & Safety & Working Environment” in the Willmott Dixon Group.
  • Efficient Procurement & Construction (processes, methodology and digitally): Nick champions new digital technology in construction while maintaining correct sequence of work with a high quality end result in a collaborative and positive working environment. As a result, he is currently developing a list of 'Leisure Centre Lessons Learnt' to help drive change within the industry.  

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The SECBE 2019 G4C Future Leader Award is sponsored by R&W.

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