Blog: G4C Future Leader SECBE Awards 2019 finalist - Thomas Marron

15 May 2019

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Thomas Marron - Turner & Townsend

The current political backdrop has led to uncertainty across the industry, nowhere is this strain felt more than on the government’s major programmes. To perform at the highest level in this environment requires experience, high capability and this year's nominee, Tom Marron, aims to embody all of these.

Tom has been with the company for 5 years and has played a key role within the business as a member of their Shadow Board and supporting a number of their clients on their major programmes across several countries.

He is passionate about transformation of the UK infrastructure market and demonstrates a drive towards greater productivity and predictability on all his projects. Tom strives to become a captain of industry, harnessing greater integration between clients and their supply chain partners, technology and data to maximize performance.

Tom is proactive, adopting a growth mind-set to develop himself. He also carries global experience from both real estate and natural resources sectors.

From taking a propeller plane to the Australian outback on site visits and building primary schools in Perth, Tom now plays a key role in Europe’s biggest infrastructure programme.


  • Passionate about transformation of the UK construction industry, demonstrated through his digital transformation proposals set out to Turner & Townsend’s Management Board
  • Ambition to drive collaborative culture into the industry as demonstrated through his involvement in integrated project teams, across a range of global programmes
  • Fosters an environment where he strives for outperformance, demonstrated through his line reports' achievements and the outcomes delivered for clients

For more details:

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The SECBE 2019 G4C Future Leader Award is sponsored by R&W.

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