Blog: Health, Safety and Wellbeing SECBE Awards 2019 finalist - Artelia

16 May 2019

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Artelia - Health and Safety Awareness with client, Shell

In 2018, there was a holistic initiative to raise awareness of mental health issues and embed this in Artelia's safety culture. It reflects their drive to not only eliminate risk at source and achieve zero accidents on site but also a much deeper appreciation of the effects of physical and mental wellbeing on people and how this can improve the way projects are delivered.

Their Mates in Mind mental health awareness campaign has created an enduring spirit of teamwork and partnership between Artelia, Shell and their contractors. It has got people talking and looking out for one another, more than any other safety initiative they have used in a decade of working with Shell. The benefits of this collaboration and teamwork are manifesting themselves in smoother delivery, better problem solving and a general atmosphere of positivity and job satisfaction.

They are proud that the impetus to do something about mental ill health in the industry and on their projects was not driven by a statutory undertaking or H&S committee but by the people who work on their Shell projects.

By recognising their influential role as a consultant, they have been able to make a greater impact through collaboration with their client and contractor supply chain, extending the impact of their 2018 Mates in Mind initiative beyond the walls of Artelia.

  • They have raised awareness of the Mates in Mind with global giant Shell, driving forward the initiative across all Shell retail projects.
  • Their global framework agreement with Shell means they can now bring mental health awareness to projects in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
  • They have 80% of their principal contractors involved with Mates in Mind and estimate that they have engaged around 300 people in the mental wellbeing discussion so far.
  • They have encouraged nine approved Shell suppliers to sign up in support of Mates in Mind and are proactively helping them to develop their personalised approach to tackling mental wellbeing and setting targets within their own businesses. This will result in a further 300 or so people having a better understanding of mental illness and wellbeing.
  • They are launching a "Non Hard Hat" version of MiM for those in non-construction roles. This recognises that managers in particular have a major impact on the wellbeing of their staff, and it is important that they are trained in mental health so the impact they have is positive.
  • They offer a training programme for Mates in Mind to other key clients.


  • 1 in 6 has a mental health condition. Artelia has already made a difference to 50 peoples’ lives, enabling them to feel safe in talking to their colleagues or manager about what is troubling them.
  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing initiatives have better outcomes when everyone collaborates – client, consultant and contractor.
  • Artelia is a better organisation for encouraging and empowering staff to set the agenda for health, safety and wellbeing.

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