Blog: Health, Safety and Wellbeing SECBE Awards 2019 finalist - Lucas UK Group

16 May 2019

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Lucas UK Group

Lucas aims to be an inclusive and forward-thinking employer with an active workforce engagement programme covering skills, safety and environmental training; paying above average rates; and winning projects their team are proud to work on. Their commitment to high standards and new technologies allows them to win repeat business from leading blue chip contractors.

Lucas employs up to 500 operatives out on sites supported by a headquarters staff of 25. For the vast majority of operatives, English is only their second language.  Therefore their health, safety and wellbeing measures must be absolutely front of mind, effectively implemented and clearly understood. At the same time client site managers must have direct access to operative’s training and safety records. Their own bespoke new technologies based on smartphone apps that they have developed ensure they adopt and achieve the highest standards expected of a trusted supplier to blue chip clients.

Their operatives enjoy an environment that is positive, enjoyable and forward thinking. They are centred on teamwork, flexibility, and going the extra mile for clients. Short, direct lines of communication promote agility with quick, well-considered decisions allowing them to react immediately to clients' requirements.

They operate a Construction Skills-approved safety training programme so that all staff receive external training suitable for their position. An internally produced and monitored matrix tracks all staff training needs and review dates.

They strive continually to be leaner and more efficient, with the health and safety of their operatives always at the forefront of their work. Their emphasis on the introduction of new technologies enables them to achieve goals, including maintaining the best possible safety record.

They regularly announce best performance awards in health and safety for their teams but clients have also given their teams many awards, and these successes are well publicised internally to keep the subject front of mind.

They have made considerable efforts to attract UK youngsters and show them what they can achieve from a career in construction. Their Visitor and Learning Centre helps. But they now believe they must change the Government’s thinking on skills training and apprenticeships in construction to allow Tier 2 companies like Lucas to be fully involved.


  • Their top priority of health, safety and wellbeing excellence has enabled them to achieve 2.5m hours over nearly five years without a reportable RIDDOR incident to the Health and Safety Executive. Accident frequency rate is 0.00.
  • New technologies allow instant and multi-lingual interaction with all operatives.
  • Their partnerships and working alliances with healthcare professionals provide valuable external resources that help keep their workforce safer and healthier.

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