Blog: Health, Safety and Wellbeing SECBE Awards 2019 finalist - Overbury OH&S App

16 May 2019

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*** WINNER *** Overbury OH&S Mobile App 

Overbury were one of the first ten Companies in the UK and worldwide who achieved certification to ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety on the launch day of the standard. This international standard replaced OHSAS 18001 and sets out the requirements to create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all.

Often ‘Fit out’ work has huge pressures to provide finished products which allow office staff to move in and work hassle free. Therefore, construction is very fast paced with large amounts of interaction between office staff and contractors to complete work. Overbury understand their responsibility for the occupational health and safety of workers and others who can be affected by their activities. Through consultation with a wealth of construction/ management staff and some of their preferred contractors they have developed an app to tangibly manage Health & Safety for those working on their projects and the potential interfaces with building occupiers and the general public.

Their H&S+ app assists them to provide safe and healthy workplaces, prevent work-related injury and ill health, and analyses root causes to continually improve OH&S performance. Using the app provides a framework for managing monitoring and evaluating OH&S risks. It provides Overbury with an insight into how to manage the outcomes which prevent work-related injury and ill health to workers, and to provide safe and healthy workplaces.

Consequently, it is important to use the app to assist them in recording and gathering data on how to eliminate/reduce hazards and minimise OH&S risks by taking effective preventive and protective measures and, in turn, making positive improvements to their Company Safety Standards. They can measure, manage, monitor, and improve their OH&S performance because the app is effective and efficient in allowing them to take early action to address opportunities for performance improvement.

Their continued use and associated developments show extremely positive outcomes including:

a) Top management leadership and commitment to technology
b) Leadership in developing, leading and promoting a culture in the organisation that supports the intended outcomes from use of the app
c) Extensive external & internal communication of Health & Safety issues
d) Assistance to review & develop Company Safety Standards and Policies
e) An effective process for identifying hazards, controlling OH&S risks and taking advantage of OHSW opportunities and good practice
f) Continual performance evaluation and monitoring to improve performance
g) Integration of the OHSW management system into the organisation’s business processes
h) OHSW objectives that align with the information provided from the app use and considering hazards, risks and opportunities
i) Compliance with requirements - both legal and their Standards
j) Increased use of the app by project team members
k) Closer engagement with their preferred supply chain partners


  • Extensive external & internal communication, collaboration and acknowledgement of Health & Safety to achieve industry leading health, safety and wellbeing. They foster a collaborative culture to focus operatives’ attention on high standards to encourage them to embrace their OHSW objectives and targets.
  • Informed route to help them record and gather data on how to eliminate/reduce hazards and minimise OH&S risks by taking effective preventive and protective measures and, in turn, making positive improvements to their Company Safety Standards.

For more details:

Visit Overbury

The SECBE 2019 Health, Safety and Wellbeing Award is sponsored by Day Aggregates.

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