Blog: Innovation SECBE Awards 2019 finalist - Better Workspaces at 22 Bishopsgate, Multiplex Construction Europe

22 May 2019

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Better Workspaces – 22 Bishopsgate, Multiplex Construction Europe

As part of the construction process, contractors set up temporary construction site offices for their workforce. These tend to be a simple, practical and cost-effective solution to enable a quick set-up and dismantling at the end of a project. Because of this, temporary offices often compromise the comfort, adaptability and attractiveness of the working space.

The 22 Bishopsgate project team understood how indoor environments affect the moods, mental health, stress and productivity of the occupants, and recognised that investing in people’s wellbeing should be an integral part of any business. Inspired by the WELL Building Standard, they challenged themselves to design their temporary offices utilising similar standards. They aimed to build a temporary site office where the principles of health and wellbeing were actively encouraged.

The 22 Bishopsgate temporary offices are the first site offices designed following the WELL Building Standard principles. The space includes features such as biophilia, geometry, textures and colours. The project team aimed to create an attractive and safe workspace for its occupants. All paints, glues and sealants used contain low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) to make sure there is a good air quality within the space.

This initiative has changed the way they think at Multiplex. Years of research have demonstrated that the working environment has a significant impact on human health, wellbeing and productivity. The built environment can influence moods, efficiency, social interactions, and mental wellbeing. They believe it is vital to take these factors into account, whether the workspaces are permanent or temporary.

The Multiplex new standard - 'Better Workspaces' - aims to change the image of construction and how the public perceives construction sites. They want to be creative, innovative, and proud of their workplace. Their goal is to provide workspaces that are an inspiration and promote good physical and mental health.

Multiplex inform and consult occupants when designing an office, understanding the importance of engaging with occupants to ensure proposals satisfy their needs in line with the business policies and values. High-quality offices can contribute to retaining staff, improving efficiency, collaboration and communication, and reduce stress. Communication about 'Better Workspaces', like 22 Bishopsgate, and the benefits it provides to people is crucial in sharing knowledge and information. Positive working environments can help to retain and attract the best talents.


  • First site offices designed following the WELL Building Standard principles - changing the image of construction
  • Caring about their people and workforce: designing places around people and their needs by investing in their health and wellbeing
  • Promoting healthy living across the construction industry and changing the image of construction

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