Blog: Innovation SECBE Awards 2019 finalist - Construction Dust Personal Monitor

22 May 2019

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Construction Dust Personal Monitor - Overbury with Queen Elizabeth Boys School, Barnet

Overbury's engagement with schools continues to not only promote the industry to budding engineers but engages young minds in finding solutions to some of the sector's challenges in health & safety. Students from the Queen Elizabeth Boys School, Barnet, have been looking at construction hazards and the associated risks, helping them gain a clearer understanding of the construction industry. On this occasion, the students evaluated and explored common dust hazards and the ongoing inability of the industry to fully manage and reduce dust risks.  

Dust is an ongoing issue that contributes to many ill health issues and a loss of productivity/ability to work. Unlike other solutions, key requirements have been analysed by the students through extensive research in order to design and create a personal dust monitoring device, which can help workers make more informed decisions about wearing Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE).

The students exceeded the initial project targets. The students' solution was easy to use and understand. As trialled with their test model, upscaling can be achieved as usage grows. The device is also future-proof as components can be changed and features can be added as electronic and battery technology develops, ensuring it remains functional and competitive.

The students learned valuable lessons about real world problems and solutions. The students also produced a comprehensive report, which includes a large amount of research for working solutions and innovation that can be taken up by manufacturers and will be publicised by Considerate Constructors Scheme on their best Practice hub and the Construction Health & Safety Group (Chertsey) - to encourage the next generation of construction managers and engineers.

with the Queen Elizabeth Boys School, Barnet


  • Engagement and commitment from young school students to provide ideas and a practical solution for construction dust health issues
  • A gap in the market for a product that can monitor dust levels and alert them if the dust reaches dangerous levels
  • Use of electronic automation and economic design/components to provide a simple wearable aid to help workers become better aware and self-manage this important ongoing health hazard

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The SECBE 2019 Innovation Award is sponsored by RIFT R&D.

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