Blog: Offsite SECBE Awards 2019 finalist - GBE Group

28 May 2019

Sponsored by Heathrow Limited

*** WINNER *** GBE Group

1 Bishopsgate Plaza is a 42-floor storey mixed used residential & hotel building in the heart of London. This project is a great example of how GBE solves problems with their offsite solutions.

Space was a key aspect to the client - this allowed GBE Group to explore their offsite fabrication solutions. While the project was rapidly developing, GBE presented a full offsite packaged solution for the entire project. This offered the client the ability to proceed with the structural elements of the build without delaying the fit-out aspects.

The heart of the project is the mechanical riser that serves 46 floors. To mitigate a major programme risk because the building slab was going to be poured later than the cores, GBE proposed manufacturing the heart of the project off site.

A brief timescale of events for the project and the delivery of the mechanical riser:

  • Production: Feb 2019
  • Delivery to site: April 2019
  • Completion: July 2019

The offsite build has taken 4050-man hours away from the project - providing a significant saving in health and safety, installation, and deliveries.

The collaboration of various contractors has allowed GBE to produce an offsite fabrication solution encapsulating multi services. The pre-fabrication strategy has allowed the quality assurance process to be monitored ensuring the quality of install is to high standards. The offsite fabrication has benefited the project by:

  • Design: the use of a full coordinated BIM model producing clash free solution for all trades.
  • Programme Certainty: the project had major issues with late design, co-ordination & cladding. The offsite approach together with the ability of having a storage facility from the client has enabled the programme to continue off site and maintain progress.
  • Labour levels: less requirement for labour, saving 4050-man hours.
  • Integration: the integration of various sub-contractors at GBE offsite facility producing a final product that was accepted by the client. The offsite manufacturing has allowed GBE as a company to collaborate with other contractors to be able to deliver this. However this was challenging; without the other trades the combined multi-service modules would not been deliverable.
  • Snagging & quality assurance: the offsite build under factory conditions ensures high quality. The review process is in depth and 90% to 95% of GBE offsite manufacturing passes through the QA process first time.
  • Reduction of deliveries and materials has aided in a cleaner working environment as the deliveries have been reduced by a fifth and materials reduced by a quarter.
  • Health & Safety: the work stands out because anything can be made as long as it can be manoeuvred and craned into position. They say “a clean work area is a safe work area”, taking the risk away from site with minimal impact to the work area. Offsite manufacturing is the new approach to a fast-paced programme
  • Weather: offsite approach reduces weather delays


  • Largest offsite multi-service pre-fabricated riser in London.
  • Utilising highly advanced BIM model on site to collaborate with all trades to ensure exceptional quality of install
  • GBE believe this is the first London skyscraper to integrate this level of offsite manufactured solution throughout the entire project (600 modules).

For more details:

Visit GBE Group

The SECBE 2019 Offsite Award is sponsored by Heathrow Limited.

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