Blog: People Development SECBE Awards 2019 finalist - Betteridge and Milsom

30 May 2019

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Betteridge and Milsom

Finding the right talent for an organisation is a key priority for Betteridge and Milsom (B&M). As Construction Consultants, they are service based so staff are integral to their USP. Their mission is to provide exceptional service and they know the right talent is key. 

B&M has a long-standing tradition of training and upskilling staff and this has become part of their Employer Brand and Employee Value Proposition. Historically, it has been a struggle to find good quality and experienced staff in the locality, therefore, the directors take a conscious decision to bring juniors into the business and offer structured training combined with education. This has provided the business and employees with many benefits, including the ability for staff to ‘learn and earn’ and for the business to foster loyalty, increase retention and improve productivity. It also provides a ‘bottom-up’ approach to recruitment, enabling them to promote staff from within, naturally filling any resource gaps and helping to mould future B&M directors.

Staff get the opportunity to work on varied projects, undertake different roles, engage with clients directly and experience new advancements, such as working with BIM. They encourage staff to self-learn in a supported environment, with one-on-one support and mentoring available from the directors and senior members of the team when required.

They believe they place trust in employees to deliver excellent service. This trust is fostered from the opportunities given to them to learn, advance and reach their full potential. They say this approach to development has generated a cohesive and collaborative team attitude with staff working together on projects and supporting each other in and out of the office. This aligns with their company values of collaboration, integrity and trust.

Developing staff makes business sense. Their development programme has created staff that are adaptable, resilient and flexible. They work on numerous award-winning projects, often working beyond expectations for their size because they can add value, provide solutions and deliver for their clients.

B&M feel it is a rarity for a business to be managed by two directors who joined the business at 16 and who have risen to take ownership. This is thanks to the original owners of the business George Betteridge and Ray Milsom who fostered this approach over 30 years ago and which is being replicated now, with Paul and Andrew’s investment in time and training. They believe this is a great way of bringing new talent into the industry and giving them a career and job for life.


  • 55% of staff are undertaking training or education courses, all sponsored by B&M
  • 1.6% of turnover 2018-2019 was spent on training and education
  • Both Directors/Owners started as juniors in the company

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The SECBE 2019 People Development Award is sponsored by Cheesmur.

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