Blog: Sustainability SECBE Awards 2019 finalist - Carden Avenue, Brighton

05 June 2019

Sponsored by Temple Group

Carden Avenue, Brighton - submitted by Syntegra Consulting

The primary challenge Carden Avenue faced was to meet the specialist and specific needs of a care home facility while meeting the specific BREEAM requirements. Due to certain site constraints, it was difficult to achieve BREEAM “Good” rating and the scheme had to evolve throughout the process to ensure that the targeted scores were met.

The project involved specialist design and construction with a local and sustainable focus, namely:

  • A specialist care home design that also maintained the features related to energy efficiency and carbon emissions.
  • Meeting specific care home requirements while securing BREEAM “Good” rating even at post construction.
  • The selection of local suppliers, merchants and contractor while also increasing local employment - helping to enhance the local economy and benefit the wider community.
  • Reduction of construction waste and energy use on site while training the construction staff about the environmental benefits of such procedures.
  • Introduction of daylighting sensors to reduce reliance on artificial lighting while providing the benefit of maintaining lux levels by controlling natural light.
  • The adoption of various testing measures for pre-fabrication, which includes the thermal comfort and building regulations energy modelling that gave the best understanding of a suitable system for the scheme. This includes the analysis based upon CIBSE TM52 overheating assessment and many others.
  • Installation of energy efficient lifts and equipment, such as A++ rated washing machines and fridge/ freezers
  • Use of water efficient systems such as spray taps, low flush WCs and low water showers and baths 
  • An ecologist helped during pre-design and their recommendations, including the planting of native species and installation of bat/bird boxes, helped enhance the ecological value of the site.
  • Flood risk and drainage assessments helped plan out great sustainable drainage systems designs.

This project involved numerous energy reductions on site and significantly reduced the environmental impact from the construction across the development. This is a unique site in terms of design, construction and also meeting and maintaining the specific needs of a care home facility.

For more details:

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The SECBE 2019 Sustainability Award is sponsored by Temple Group.

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