News: The CoTrain team is growing

06 June 2019

CoTrains welcomes Mark Pope, Apprenticeship Manager

At CoTrain, we are working hard to make sure we attract as many young people coming onto the job market this spring/summer into construction. We are delighted to report that we are dealing with a significant increase in talented applicants interested in finding out more about the apprenticeships we have to offer. To make sure we can continue to bring more apprentices into the industry we have made some changes to our team.

Meet the new team:

  • Richard Bielski – Programme Director
  • Samantha Page – Business Development Manager
  • Angela Torr – Apprenticeship Manager
  • *NEW* Mark Pope – Apprenticeship Manager

with support from Julian Carter, Financial Director & Jason Parmenter, Marketing

Mark Pope

We are delighted to welcome Mark Pope who joined as a permanent member of the team last month. Mark has worked closely with CoTrain for many years as a CITB Apprenticeship Coordinator and his knowledge and experience increases our capability and capacity. 

Want an apprentice? Take your pick

With additional resources, CoTrain has never been better placed to help companies get the greatest value out of taking on an apprentice. Our scheme offers a great opportunity for a contractor to reap all the benefits that apprentices bring to the workplace and to the future of your business without some of the responsibilities that can be a barrier to employment.

CoTrain takes care of recruitment, college arrangements, progression and more. You have an additional resource and potential rising star for a period of time that you can manage and that fits with contracts as you win them.

Don’t be shy – contact us today to find out more about the Scheme.

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